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Ztylus Photography KITS


Ztylus Kits available for the following smartphone options; iPhone 6 / 6s, iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus, Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge  


The Ztylus LED Ring Light Attachment will illuminate your intra-oral, extra-oral and low-light photographs and videos. This can be used as an attached light on any Ztylus Case or you can detach it from the case and use it as off camera lighting. The adjustable temperature controls on the side allow you to adjust the colour temperature to create your ideal lighting situation. Use the diffusers or the dimmers to control the amount of light to get the perfect shot. Adding the Ztylus LED Ring Light Attachment is an indispensable accessory for your smartphone for intra-oral and extra-oral photography and videography.


The Ztylus Metal cases provides full body protection for your iPhone 6, 6s, 6+, 6s+.and Ztylus Clear cases for your Samsung S7 & S7 Edge. The innovative disc mount system allows for the simple attachment of the LED Ring Light. The integrated metal kickstand allows you to position your iPhone for optimal reviewing of patient videos and images.
One Time Disposable Handpiece


• Quality super-sterilised disposable handpiece for single use with high risk patients. 

• Low cost, high-speed handpiece as a backup to autoclave failure.

• High torque, water and air cooled, high speed up to 370,000 rpm and 65 db noise.

• Simple coupling interchange into standard dental units, midwest 4 hole.

Sold individually or in Packs of 3.

Note: Pre-oil before use. Single use only, do not repeat use. Shelf Life: 2 years / Production Date: see package seal. Do not use if package is damaged. For dental use only. Store at ambient temperature. 

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Orthodontic Analgesic

Chewing on Munchies® can provide pain relief as effective as paracetamol or ibuprofen after adjustment of wires or new aligner insertion.  

Intrusion enhancement

Munchies® assist your aligners or braces with the difficult movement of intruding your teeth

Aligner Seating

Munchies® accurately seat your aligners for a truely intimate fit to improve tracking and predictability of your tooth movements.


Get your case back on track by using Munchies® to encourage your teeth back on the right track

Each Starter Pack has a Gentle Pack and a Firm pack, both with 2 standard Munchies® and a Munchies MAXX® (MAXX is more robust and suited for more aggressive chewing and deeper bite cases). We suggest patients start with a Starter Pack to find which Munchies (Gentle or Firm) is best suited to their bite. The refill pack has 2 packs of either Gentle or Firm Munchies®, both with 2 standard Munchies® and a Munchies MAXX®. The product has been designed to be robust for this period and to remain visco-elastic and deliver the correct forces if not used excessively.

Each Munchies® device has an average life span of one to two weeks if used correctly.

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